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1950s Vintage Clothing for Men

Rock a smart retro look with 1950s vintage clothing for men, from rockabilly to teddy boy style. When you think of 1950s style, you may be picturing the Fonz or the boys from Grease but, generally, the style was a lot more diverse with eye-catching floral shirts and silk oriental dressing gowns.

Men's 1950s Suits

Suits were a big staple for men in 1950s and were generally in subtle dark colours such as blue, brown and grey. However, the double-breasted suit jacket also began to become popular giving men a bit more of a versatile wardrobe. Double breasted suit jackets are coming back into fashion so keep an eye out for an authentic piece and make sure you get it properly tailored to keep looking sharp.

Vintage Cardigans

The 1950s saw the emergence of the 'preppy' style with oversize cardigans embellished with patches or knitted designs. These vintage cardigans were usually from American colleges.

Vintage Jackets

The 1950s gave us some timeless trends in jackets that keep coming back season after season, namely the bomber jacket and leather jacket.

Bomber jackets are shorter length jackets that fit at the hem with ribbing. In the 1950s they were public service or military jackets but became popular in general fashion in the following decades.

Leather jackets are a staple that always look great, and older and more vintage jackets develop a patina that you just can't imitate. When it comes to leather jackets, black is a favourite: it's simple, classic and goes with everything.

Teddy Boy Clothing

A style that has become popular again in recent years, the 1950s teddy boy was a younger man who loved rock and roll. The teddy boy trend was Britain's original teenage subculture. Typically they wore drainpipe trousers and had slicked back hair, inspired by dandies from Edwardian times.

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