Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Never Miss Out on Action with a 20 Inch TV

A 20 inch TV can serve as an excellent starter TV, or even as secondary TV for a spare room, such as a bedroom or kitchen. They can have all the capabilities that you would expect to find on a larger TV, but they're just smaller and more portable. Whatever you are looking for and whatever your budget, there will be a 20 inch TV to meet your needs on eBay.

Can you use a satellite with a 20 inch TV?

Since the digital switchover, TVs can no longer pick up a signal directly through a TV aerial. To watch channels without paying an expensive monthly subscription, you can use a digital media service through an aerial, which works through a satellite dish. If you purchase a TV with a built-in digital TV app, you can simply connect it to your network and stream media directly to your TV. Otherwise, you can connect your TV to a satellite TV box that connected to an aerial or satellite dish.

Should you choose a smart TV?

Smart TVs can connect to your internet network through an ethernet cable. Many models even come with built-in wi-fi, allowing you to connect wirelessly. Connecting your TV to the internet ramps up your entertainment options. With a smart TV, you can enjoy the following:

  • On-demand services: Stream on-demand services from many major channels directly to your TV.
  • Paid subscription services: Catch up on all the newest films and TV series with a subscription service to stream media to your TV.
  • Home network: Enjoy all of your favourite music and videos stored on your home network on your TV.
  • Online browsing: You can do your banking or check social media accounts on your TV.
  • Games: Play a selection of online games on your TV.
Which screen technology should you choose?

There are three main types of screen technology to consider. HD ready devices, sometimes referred to as 720p, are capable of displaying pictures in high-definition quality, but it can't upscale them by itself. A full HD, or 1080p, TV can upscale by itself, so you won't need another device to enjoy HD-quality videos. There is also 4K technology, or ultra-HD TV, which is rapidly growing in popularity. Many streaming media providers have already started using the technology.

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