22Ct Indian Gold

Indulge in Sumptuous Luxury with 22k Indian Gold

There is very little jewellery that is more fabulously decadent than 22k Indian gold jewellery. It is usually reserved for wedding gifts or bought as an investment, so pure is the gold. If youre looking to spoil someone special, eBay has hundreds of gorgeous pieces at prices that will surprise and delight you as much as the jewellery itself.

What is 22k Indian gold?

The term Indian gold usually just refers to very high karat gold. This is because India is traditionally a consumer of very high-quality gold, much of which is made there. Many Indian people see buying gold as a long term investment and wish to purchase gold that is as pure as possible. In fact, there is no difference between 22k gold jewellery made in India and 22k gold jewellery made anywhere else. Indian gold is now more likely to refer to gold jewellery that is of very high quality and that is also made in traditional Indian styles.

What sort of 22k Indian gold jewellery is there?

There are all sorts of pieces made from 22k gold, but many that are sold as Indian gold are made into more traditional Indian-style jewellery. eBay has lots to choose from, including many of the following and more:

  • Bollywood bangles.
  • Wedding rings.
  • Nose studs.
  • Traditional Indian bridal jhumka earrings.
Should you look for a hallmark on 22k Indian gold?

Yes. However, some 22k Indian gold jewellery that is made in India does not have a hallmark. India does have a hallmarking system for gold jewellery made there, but it is not a mandatory system. The only way to be certain that you are getting what you are paying for is with a hallmark, so take care if an item does not have any markings to show how pure it is. In both the British and Indian hallmarking systems, 22k gold is marked with a 916. This refers to the gold content of the jewellery — 22k gold should be 91.6% pure gold.

Why is Indian gold a deeper yellow colour?

You may notice that 22k Indian gold has a more yellow appearance; this is because the gold content is much higher. In lower carat gold, the paler yellow colour is caused by the alloys with which the gold is mixed to bring down costs. Many people feel that having a beautiful piece of near-pure gold jewellery is more than worth the cost to buy it, as it will be treasured for generations.