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2GB Computer RAM

Random Access Memory, or RAM for short, is the temporary memory that stores the programs, applications and operating systems that are currently running on a computer .

RAM physically takes the form of component cards that can be slotted into the motherboard. 2GB computer RAM is one of the most popular cards on the market, although sizes range up to 8GB RAM .

A quick and cost-effective upgrade, adding RAM increases the speed of which your computer can handle different processes simultaneously. This allows you to run more programmes at the same time.

Your computer's processor takes data from your hard drive and moves it to RAM for short-term use. It then accesses the memory to run programs. The more RAM you have onboard, the faster the computer will operate and you can run more programs and applications. Think of your hard drive as your computer's long-term memory and RAM as its short-term memory.

Do I need more RAM?

You may find that your computer is struggling to undertake certain tasks, such as running multiple programs. If your computer has become slow and freezes a lot, then it may need more memory to handle the applications it's trying to run.

Types of 2GB RAM

There is more than one type of 2GB RAM available, with RAM cards being either DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4. DDR3 RAM is the current standard and DDR2 is its predecessor. If your computer is fairly new, then DDR3 is the RAM type you should aim for, whereas older machines will be compatible with DDR2. DDR4 is the latest version of DDR and is used in the newest machines.

Remember to check your motherboard's documentation before you buy. It will tell you which RAM cards are compatible with it. Check for DDR type, pin number and memory speed. This will allow you to make the correct purchase for your computer.

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