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Meet Your Storage Needs With 2TB Hard Drives

A 2TB hard drive has enough storage space to hold several large, high-definition video files along with thousands of text, audio, and image files. You can hold all these file types on one hard drive for your convenience. Exploring the wide range of 2TB hard drives available on eBay can help you find the model with the features that suit your needs.

How do 2TB hard drives interface with your system?

All hard drives use types of interfaces to connect with the system you are using. Each connection interface is useful, and the type you choose may depend on the system you're using or your personal preferences. If you already have a 2TB hard drive interface in mind, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to narrow your search and find the options that work for you. Some of the common connectivity options you will find are listed here:

  • SATA - The serial ATA bus interface uses a specific cable to connect your hard drive to your computer. Different SATA buses operate at various speeds or work with different systems. You can choose from SATA I, II, III, or eSATA connections.
  • USB - A USB connection will merge your 2TB hard drive with your computer via a USB port. You may be able to swap it between systems using the USB interface.
Can you purchase several 2TB hard drives?

You can find deals on hard drive packs on eBay. If you want to increase your digital storage space, you may find it convenient to purchase several hard drives at once. Most drives that come as a set should be the same brand or form factor. You can purchase sets of drives in either new or pre-owned condition.

What is a form factor?

The form factor of your 2TB hard drive refers to the kinds of drive bays that can hold it. While the 2TB designation refers to the size of its virtual storage capacity, the form factor refers to the drive's physical size. Note that some 2TB drives can be a particular form factor but connect to your computer as external devices. These drives do not need a computer bay to function. If you plan to install your 2TB hard drive into a drive bay on your computer, you can check the specifications for the bay and use eBay's categories to find drives that have the form factor you need. Note that any form factor you find can hold the same amount of virtual data despite any differences in size.

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