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3.5" Drive Enclosures and Docks for Computers and Tablets

Drive enclosures and docks for computers and tablets let you quickly read and copy data from external devices, such as hard drives, without the need to install them on your computer or tablet. Enclosures connect easily to your PC or tablet via a USB connection and all you need to do is drop the external drive into the dock and your computer will read the data. There is a variety of devices available including the 3.5" drive enclosures and docks for computers and tablets. You can also choose from a range of stylish designs which look sleek in your office or home.

Secure and Efficient Data Transmission

3.5" drive enclosures and docks for computers and tablets offer a secure and easy way to transfer information from an external hard disk drive to your computer or tablet. They support large capacity storage devices and are not required to be installed directly on your PC. They are connected via a USB point and give you access to data fast and efficiently. They also support a range of other functions such as playing video or music files and running applications directly from the hard drive disk.

Support for a Range of Systems

Drive docks and enclosures can support a wide range of systems including Windows from versions 98 through to modern systems, Mac and Linux applications. They provide super speed data transfer with a range of models to suit different data requirements. Most devices are also compact and portable so can be used for different devices with ease. Some models have top slot sections and some have side insertion points and hold the external drive securely in place.

There is a range of 3.5" drive enclosures and docks for computers and tablets available in new, used and refurbished condition suitable for a variety of uses.

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