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32GB SDHC Camera Memory Cards

Developed to meet the demand for high resolution photography and videos that are taken with digital cameras , SDHC camera memory cards are available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, much higher than the standard SD card.

Whilst a standard SD card with a maximum of 2GB will work in an SDHC device, the performance will be lower. However, an SDHC card may not work in digital cameras or USB card readers that were produced prior to 2007. Most devices since 2007 will carry the SDHC logo and a user guide.

The size and shape of an SDHC card is the same as an SD card and the SD Card Association (SDA) has a Speed Class rating to standardise data transfer speeds, which are compulsory for SDHC cards. Class 2 guarantees a minimum speed of 2MBs or higher, Class 4 is 4MBs or higher, Class 6 is speeds of 6MBs or higher and Class 10 is 10MBs or higher. The minimum speed depends on the device and model manufacturer.

MicroSDHC and miniSDHC formats have the same storage capabilities and speed class ratings but are of a smaller size so can be used in small devices, such as a mobile phone or a small digital camera. SDHC technology is also used in eXtreme Digital, or xD, picture cards.

Transferring photos

Either a USB cable or memory card reader for the device is needed to transfer photos to a computer. If you're using a memory card reader, ensure it is compatible with the SDHC memory card. Some memory card readers can be used as a USB flash drive and have a built-in memory. More modern computers and laptops may feature a built-in memory card slot but if you are using multiple memory cards of different types, invest in a multi-card reader.

Card memory speed

The read speed of an SDHC - or Secure Digital High Capacity - memory card indicates how quickly data can be retrieved from the card when transferring data to a computer or printer. The faster the read speed, the quicker the images will transfer.

The write speed shows how quickly the photos you take are saved to the memory card. This can be an important factor if using the camera in continuous photo mode, as an HD video or for high resolution photographs that produce large files. Formatting an SDHC memory card can help to increase the write speed, but it will wipe any data stored on the memory card.

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