The Important Facts About Shopping for a Four-Channel Mixer

Whether you are a professional DJ or a hobbyist, you understand how important the mixer is. A quality four-channel mixer helps you perform every function involved in DJing, including fading and EQ. The following are some things you should know before purchasing a DJ mixer off of eBay.

What is the crossfader?

The crossfader is the fader at the bottom of the mixer. It is usually the only fader on the mixer that moves horizontally. On many mixers, the fader's contrast can be adjusted on the fly to either have a sharp or a broad slope, helping you shape your transitions to your exact specifications. Switch and blend the channels on the console by moving the crossfader right and left.

What features do these 4-channel mixers have?

There are a variety of DJ mixers available on eBay, each with its own set of features. The following are some of the things you should look for when searching through options:

  • EQ - Most mixers will have a 3- or 4-band parametric EQ on each channel, so you can roll off highs, scoop mids, or cut bass frequencies. This prevents feedback and distortion in your mix when performing.
  • Effects - Many units have built-in features like delay, reverb, and chorus that can be applied to each channel. They can also be blended using a wet/dry knob.
  • Meter - Use the V/U meter on the board when playing live to see if your signal is too hot. If it goes into the red, you could have distortion in your signal.
  • Send/Return - Use the aux send and return channels to blend effected signal with the dry signal. This prevents you from having to alter the original dry signal.
  • Balance - Shift the stereo signal between speakers using the balance knob found on most mixers.
What kinds of inputs can you find on mixers?

A 4-channel mixer uses inputs to receive the audio signal from the turntable, drum machine, sampler, or any other audio source. RCA inputs are available for turntables. You will also find 1/4-inch inputs to receive the signal from instruments. If you wish to use a microphone in your performance setup, there is also an XLR input for each channel on most DJ mixing consoles. Before purchasing a DJ mixer, be sure the model you are interested in has the necessary inputs for your setup.