All You Need To Know About 4-Way Walkie Talkies

Whether you need a walkie talkie radio for an adult or a child, these 4-way radios available on eBay are suitable for them both. Featuring LCD screens, long-range distance communication, and long-lasting battery life, let these walkie talkies accompany you on your next adventure. Take them hiking, use them for childrens party games, or for in-home use among the home dwellers.

What are some features of 4-way walkie talkies?

Most long range walkie talkies that are listed on eBay include these features:

  • Long range capacity: Feel free to move room to room or indoor to outdoor with these walkie talkies. Get up to a 4-kilometre range, depending on the weather and where you are located (desert, forest, home, or road).
  • 8 channels: Switch between channels and talk to multiple parties.
  • Battery level indicator: Always know when the battery will run out with the handy battery level indicator, located on the LCD screen.
  • Belt-clip and carrying loop: These are for easy portability that ensures the walkie talkie will not get lost. Clip the walkie talkie to a belt when not in use, and easily detach it when its needed.
  • LCD Display: Keep track of battery levels, channels, range capacity, and time with the LCD display. It lights up in the dark so you can see the information anytime.
What are 4-way walkie talkies used for?

Walkie talkies serve many purposes, but their main purpose is to provide immediate communication with two or more people without the use of telephones. You can use them on hikes, during large events, road trips with a caravan, or simply for fun, in-home use. Lorry drivers use long distance radios all the time to keep up with one another or to warn fellow drivers about upcoming traffic. They are also ideal for finding out about hazardous weather conditions, especially when you are in an isolated area where there are no other types of communications.

How do 2-way radios work?

If you want to speak to multiple people through your walkie talkie, then use 2-way radios. You cant talk to more than one person at a time on the radios, but multiple people can cut in whenever they choose, and everyone can listen in on one person talking. If something requires speaking to a single person, simply switch the channels, hold the side button down, and speak. Let go of the side button when you are finished speaking so you can hear the other person.