How to Find the Right 5-Ton Excavator Online: Buying Guide

Finding the right 5-ton digger for sale can help your business to get the job done. On eBay, you'll find new and used excavators, diggers, and other buckets available that you can use for different jobs. To help make your search easier, consider this information to aid in the search.

How do you find the right 5-ton digger?

Here are some steps that you can follow to simplify the search:

  • Make: There are a range of manufacturers that provide excavators online. Some companies whose products are available include JCB and Kubota.
  • Model year: Many listings will also list the model/manufacture year to help narrow down the search.
  • Type: Some types include log grapples, buckets, and diggers for different types of work you might be doing.
  • Condition: You can choose from a range of excavators that are new, used, or remanufactured. Most listings will have the number of hours that the part was used for to help give you an idea of its condition.
  • Size: You can choose between different bucket widths along with the pin sizes. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Capacity: In addition to 5-ton capacity diggers, some have the capability to handle additional weight. You should look at the type of work being done when considering the capacity.
  • Compactor wheel: Some diggers are modular and have additional attachments, such as a compactor wheel.
Reasons to consider a used 5-ton excavator for sale

When looking at a used 5-ton excavator for sale, it will generally present a cheaper alternative to purchasing a new one. Excavators without hydraulics have fewer maintenance requirements and are designed to wear out slowly. You should look at the condition of the excavator for damage and excessive wear to see if it would be a better option than a new piece of equipment. Sometimes used 5-ton excavators might exhibit a few cosmetic signs of wear, but if you are primarily concerned with function and the unit functions fine, then this might not bother you.

Pricing for 5-ton diggers for sale in the UK

Features, brand, condition, and type will have an impact on the pricing. Simple options such as a bucket will be some of the cheapest options, with smaller-sised buckets being even cheaper. Excavators with hydraulics built in, such as a grapple, will be more expensive. When looking at excavators, you can narrow down the results with pricing filters to find the ones that fit your budget as well.