Improve Your Viewing with a 50 inch TV Bracket

With a 50 inch TV wall mount, you can easily position your television to provide comfortable, unobstructed views from your favourite viewing area. A 50 inch TV wall mount can also give your living room a stylish, uncluttered appearance. If you are searching for an affordable 50 inch TV bracket, you can find an extensive range available on eBay.

Why are wall-mounted TV brackets a popular purchase?

Whether your living room is small or you prefer minimal décor, a 50 inch TV bracket can be an ideal choice. It enables you to use more of your floor space since it dispenses the need for a large TV stand. A 50 inch TV wall bracket also offers more versatility. If you want to fix your television set into a corner or an alcove with limited access, wall brackets can make it possible.

Is a 50 inch TV wall bracket suitable for every television set?

Gauging the suitability of a wall-mounted TV bracket relies on the size, weight, and VESA measurement of your television set. The majority of wall-mounted TV brackets can withstand a weight up to 35 kilograms or 72 pounds. The Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) has regulated measurements for holes required by wall-mounted TV brackets. You can find these listed on the back of your TV set near the mounting holes, typically arranged in a 400 mm x 400 mm square outline. Refer to the manufacturer site for details.

What features should you consider for a TV mount stand?

Before you decide on your 50 inch TV wall mount, remember to check for the following:

  • Profile: Some wall-mounted TV brackets have slim, unobtrusive steel frames; while others may have thick, heavy-duty structures.
  • Tilt: Most 50 inch TV wall mounts can swivel, usually up to 180 degrees sideways and 20 degrees up or down.
  • Cantilever arm: These can be used to move a TV set out from a corner or recess.
  • VESA measurement: Check the measurements to ensure that your bracket and television are compatible.
  • Weight: Choose a TV bracket that can hold more weight than that of your television.
  • Cables: Some wall-mounted TV brackets include extra fittings to help keep your cables tidy.
  • Fixings: Ensure that all the mounting components and fixtures are included in the kit.

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