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52mm Round Camera Lens Filters

52mm round camera lens filters have multiple uses and purposes. While many are solely designed to protect the lens of your photographic device from wear and tear, others help to improve image quality and can create a wealth of special effects.

Lens filters can be round or square and either screw directly to the front of your camera or are kept in place by a specially designed filter holder.

Protective Filters

The lens of a camera is fragile which is why many photographers choose to use protective filters. These cover the lens and help to protect it from scratches, scrapes and other wear and tear which can affect image quality.

Protective filters tend to be completely clear meaning they won't interfere with the colour balance or performance of your lens in any way making them practical and easy to use.

UV Camera Filters

UV camera filters are available in many sizes and are compatible with a variety of camera types including branded and unbranded models.

UV filters are available in many different strengths and are primarily used to block out ultraviolet light which in turn reduces the haziness that can be seen in some daylight photography. While most lenses let the majority of natural light waves through to the lens, stronger UV filters can effectively reduce the purple fringing that occurs when an object is out of focus. Filters also prevent moisture and other pollutants from affecting image quality.

Polarising Filters

Polarising filters help to enhance the overall effect of a photograph and have three main objectives. Firstly, filters of this kind are used to remove the glare from a particular scene. Polarising filters also work to saturate colours helping to define areas of a picture which have perhaps been drowned out by excessive light. Polarisers are also commonly used to deepen blue skies and brighten white clouds creating stunning dramatic effects.

Coloured Filters

Coloured filters are ideal for black and white photography. They work by blocking out specific light waves and tend to change the tone of a picture rather than a colour.

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