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Supplement Your Super Telephoto Camera Equipment With 600mm Focus Camera Lenses

The immense variety of camera lenses available means that photographers may take advantage of the many lens options to improve their art form. If you have been having problems getting a focused shot of long-distance objects, perhaps you should consider adding a 600mm focus camera lens into your lens collection. eBay offers a variety of brands and prices for their selection of 600mm focus camera lenses.

When should you use a 600mm super telephoto lens?

When it comes to focus lengths, the 600mm camera lenses can capture moments that are impossible with other types of lenses. Consider the following situations where the 600mm camera lens can greatly enhance your photo:

  • Live sporting photography – Whether you are on the sideline of a live sporting event or trying to catch a surfer far out in the ocean, the 600mm camera lens can capture your subject in sharp focus.
  • Wildlife photography – The 600mm camera lens can offer you opportunities to capture wildlife in their natural habitat without being intrusive or putting yourself in harm’s way.
  • Celestial object photography – If you have ever wanted to capture a beautiful photo of a solar eclipse or other celestial objects in the sky, the 600mm camera lens will be able to capture the object in focus.
  • Distance compression –The 600mm super telephoto lens can compress the distance between two objects and bring that far away mountain range close to the city you are trying to capture on film.
How can you stabilise a lens of this size?

When using a lens such as the size of a 600mm lens, stability becomes a major issue to be considered. Even if you are stationary, your subject may be in motion – and manipulating a lens of this proportion while attempting a focused shot is near to impossible. Here are some ideas to consider when working with a 600mm lens:

  • Tripod: A good stable tripod is a must because a lens of this size is bulky and heavy. A tripod can be used in wildlife photography.
  • Monopod: A monopod can support the weight of the lens when the bulk of a tripod is impractical. A monopod can be used at a sporting event where space is an issue.
Is a teleconverter necessary for a super telephoto lens?

A teleconverter is attached between the camera body and the camera lens and is used as an inexpensive secondary lens to increase the focal length of the primary lens. Most teleconverters are designed to support super telephoto lenses and can greatly help to magnify the central object in the photo.

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