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64GB SD Camera Memory Card

Nowadays digital cameras allow you to take pictures until your heart's content and not have to worry about running out of film or how they will turn out. With so many photographs you will need a memory card that's big enough to store all of those snaps! That's why a 64GB SD camera memory card is a great option.

64GB SD: need to know

Not only do today's digital cameras take away the worry about running out of film, they also record a lot of information. This takes up space, especially if you're shooting in a format that uses a lot of memory such as RAW and JPEG. A 64GB SD memory card gives you the space to match the needs of a modern digital camera .

SD stands for secure digital. You will also come across other acronyms when looking for 64GB memory cards. SDXC camera memory cards are secure digital extended capacity cards. Any memory card that has more than 64GB of space is considered to have extended capacity. If you're recording lots of images or you know it will be a while before you have access to a computer to backup your images then this is the option for you.

Brands of memory card

With many types of cameras and camera memory cards available it's important to make sure that what you're using is compatible before going out to shoot. You don't want to be there at the moment a beautiful sunset is taking place, only to find out you can't record the image! You can find memory cards that are compatible with every leading camera brand, although many different memory cards will work in many different types of camera.

Other things to think about

When choosing a 64GB memory card, other important factors to consider are write and read speed.

Write speed refers to the speed at which information is written to the card. If you're photographing moving wildlife from a vehicle that is in motion, you'll want a card that can quickly record the information and be ready for the next image.

Read speed refers to the speed at which information can be downloaded to another device, such as a computer. write and read speeds are often expressed in terms of class; ranging from class 2 up to class 10, with class 10 being quicker than 2. You can find a good selection of class 10 SD memory cards available.

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