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64GB SDHC Camera Memory Cards

Memory cards are a great way to ensure your memories are safely stored to enjoy for many years to come. 64GB SDHC camera memory cards are a great solution for mid range point and shoot cameras. Many different manufacturers make these cards so they are easily obtainable and can be used straight away.

SDHC cards

This type of memory card is the shape and size of standard SD cards, but as HC stands for high capacity, you can hold more photos on a card of this type. A card with 64GB of memory will hold around 10,000 photos depending on the resolution. It will also hold around 320 minutes of video. The processing speed on these cards varies and each card has a class rating. The higher the class, the higher the processing speed. If you're looking for fast uploads, a classic 10GB SDHC card will process data at a rate of around 10MB per second.

Advantages of SDHC

SDHC memory cards were developed to cope with recording HD video so if you regularly record high definition shots on your camera, these cards can cope with the added complexity of the data. If you're looking for a camera memory card that will hold large amounts of photos and videos before needing to upload it, this type of card is a must have.


Although an SDHC card will fit in any digital camera that takes an SD card, make sure your make and model is compatible. SDHC memory cards are not backwards compatible with older camera models. As these cards hold a lot of memory, they have a higher processing speed than a standard SD card so older devices will not be able to cope with this. Some devices clearly display the SDHC logo on the side to show compatibility. Refer to the instruction manual of your digital camera or digital camcorder if you are unsure to avoid disappointment.

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