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8-Core Computer Processor

For an abundance of power and incredibly fast performance, 8-core computer processors are ideal. Although each processing chip manufacturer makes their individual product differently, any 8-core processor is a force to be reckoned with in terms of sheer computing 'umph'.

Selecting a brand

There are a lot of different computing brands involved in the CPU market, but the two industry titans are AMD and Intel. Their differences in design mean that there are advantages and disadvantages to each option, along with the third option of lesser known parties.


AMD CPUs have a reputation for being cheaper than Intel chips, although the difference is often marginal at best. At entry level AMD edges Intel products out with pricing, but at higher levels AMD begin to lose ground over performance.

Performance and heat

Intel stakes a lot of its market share on its persistent power, no matter the odds. With high performance and a lower heat output, Intel 8-core processors are able to hit hard and stay cool. AMD chips tend to have a higher core count but can be prone to heating up, which can be a problem in computers that are not designed to handle that much heat. In a badly designed computer, the AMD chip could literally cook itself to death.

Understanding HTT

Intel uses something called Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT), which is a very complex concept that basically boils down to them being able to double the amount of 'threads' able to run on each core, thereby using processor resources more efficiently. This, in short, makes the computer run faster with the same amount of cores than the same chip from another brand.

AMD, Intel or other?

Choosing between an AMD, Intel or other company 8-core processors is something only you can decide on. It basically boils down to AMD being better at entry level with powerful cores like their AMD FX-8350 WraithOcta Core, but at higher levels and price points, Intel cores like the 7th Generation Core i7 pack a far heavier punch than their AMD rivals. Mostly it will boil down to price and preference. A cheaper AMD core will suit most people, but many gamers and designers will prefer Intel for their raw power.

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