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Got one to sell?

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Every computer has RAM. RAM helps to ensure that your computer is running at its peak efficiency and it also helps to ensure that the computer itself is able to launch programs. The more RAM that you have, the faster your computer will run. Extra RAM can be installed in a computer if there is a spare slot to boost the speed of your machine. To add a touch of speed to your computer without breaking the bank, choose from 8GB DDR3 SDRAM options.


The DIMM 240 PIN RAM slot can be added to a computer that has space for a 240 PIN set. With a 240 PIN RAM chip, you can experience faster speeds while also giving your computer the chance to run more efficiently. The 240 PIN section corresponds to the slots of RAM that you have, meaning that there are 240 pins that slot into the casing. If you have a 240 PIN RAM slot then you would not be able to fit any other size of RAM.


The SO DIMM 204 PIN RAM slot fits into the PC, and it is possible to install more than one chipset into your computer. This helps to ensure that your computer speed runs at an even faster speed. The RAM slot will only fit into the PC if the chipset can accommodate it, as most RAM chipsets can only be installed if the groove in the chipset aligns with that of the PC. The chipset itself will usually be sent in an anti-static bag as this helps to protect the chipset when it is being stored and even transported. A grounding device should be used when installing computer RAM due to the amount of electricity and static that is present in the device.

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