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How to Choose Your Ideal A0 Printer

Having your own A0 printer can help boost productivity and reduce wait times, especially if you frequently need to print large sheets of paper for creative projects. Being one of the largest printers available on eBay, the A0 printer is incredibly versatile as it can process jobs not just in sheets, but also square metres. With an in-house A0 printer, you will no longer have to outsource your printing jobs.

What sizes can an A0 printer handle?

According to the International Organisation for Standardisation, A0 paper size measures 841mm by 1189mm, the third largest paper size listed after 2A0 and 4A0. If your print job is configured correctly and the right paper is loaded, an A0 printer can process most jobs using A0 or smaller paper sizes. Here are a few common paper sizes found in the office that an A0 printer can work with:

  • A3.
  • A4.
  • A5.
  • B5.
Can an A0 printer take glossy paper?

Yes. Most A0 printers are suitable for the glossy look of photographic imagery, but different technologies have different outcomes depending on the type of paper selected. There are two main types of printer and here is what each of them are better at:

  • Inkjet Printer: Proficient at printing high quality photos onto glossy paper as well as correctly configured fabrics, it is the more versatile option for creative projects. The colours are vivid but the ink tends to be more expensive making them more costly to operate in the long term.
  • Laser Printer: Capable of printing onto glossy paper, but really good at everyday office applications that require just black and white printing. Although less proficient at colours, the black lines are well defined and precise jobs can be carried out in greyscale. The ink cartridges are less expensive so they cost less to run, especially important during runs with high printing volume.
Are A0 printers fast enough for time sensitive projects?

A0 printers can really shine during urgent print jobs. Some high end models can print a single A0 sheet in draft mode in under 50 seconds, even if it is in full colour. Do note that the printing speed may vary if a higher resolution is required or if the colours are more vivid. Please check actual print times with the manufacturer’s website.

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