A1 Computer Printers

The Practicalities of Using an A1 Printer

Whether for projects at school or in the workplace, an A1 printer provides the flexibility of printing clearly onto large sheets of paper without needing to stick multiple pages together afterwards. A1 printers can usually accommodate all sheet sizes up to and including A1 sheets. They are useful for printing large posters, creative projects and more, without the need to outsource the job to external service providers, reducing lead times and delays.

What are the differences between inkjets and laser A1 printers?

As the two main types of printers commercially available, eBay offers a variety of both models. In order to decide which type is the best for your needs, consider the following:

  • Inkjet printers - As they require very little time to warm up and print almost instantly, inkjet A1 printers are better suited to printing vivid colours on a range of media like glossy paper and textured materials They also tend to have an lower initial cost.
  • Laser printers - With a fast printing speed, laser A1 printers are useful for printing in large volumes and handle black and white detail proficiently. Regarding running costs, they are designed to use very efficient cartridges.
How fast can A1 printers print?

There are two ways to determine an A1 printer’s speed: the first is by counting the number of sheets it can print in an hour, and the second is by determining how many square metres it can print in that hour. To put that into context:

  • An A1 printer should be able to print at a pace of around 60 to 70 sheets per hour in black and white fast mode, although this number may be reduced for jobs that require intricate detail and colour.
  • Alternatively, they can print 6 to 8 square metres per hour, depending again on the nature of the job, although it is always advisable to see the manufacturer site for more details.
Can an A1 printer be used to print photos?

Yes. You can use an A1 printer to print high-resolution photographs on paper or glossy paper. You could also print invitation cards, menus, business cards, and other stationery on textured or thick high-quality paper. In addition to printing on paper, you may also print on certain fabrics with the correct techniques. If you would like to print on a variety of surfaces, consider buying an inkjet printer over a laser printer.