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How to Choose an A3 Printer

While larger than standard A4 formats, A3-sized sheets are not uncommon for creative projects at home, informational posters in school, or for practical purposes at work. An A3 printer can help display everything on a single A3 sheet instead of dividing it up over two pieces of A4 paper with an inconvenient joint in the middle. You can also shorten lead times at work by printing larger sheets in-house, rather than delegating it to an external printing company.

What is the difference between an A4 and A3 printer?

While a limited number of regular household and desktop A4 printers may be able to print A3 sheets with a portrait configuration, A3 printers are typically in a wide format so they can print in landscape format as well as portrait. This reduces the number of times the cartridge has to return on the carrier, resulting in faster printing speeds. This is especially important when you print large quantities, as the speed can add up on high-volume jobs. A3 printers made for the office can print somewhere between 20 to 30 A3 sheets per minute in black and white draft mode.

Are there any differences between inkjet and laser printers?

Yes, and the differences can be quite significant depending on which types of jobs you would like to use it for. Here is what you need to know about the functional differences between inkjet and laser printers:

  • Laser Printer: Usually prints much faster than inkjet printers so it helps you reduce idle time waiting for pages to print for large volumes. It is precise in determining black from white but doesn’t fare so well with vivid colours. The ink cartridges tend to be cheaper, so it can be a more cost-efficient option in the long run.
  • Inkjet Printer: It can print almost as soon as you command it to, reducing warm-up time to a minimum. It fares better with vivid colours, so you can print stunning photographs with it on glossy paper. Although it is cheaper to buy at the outset, the ink cartridges tend to be more expensive than laser printers.
Can other sizes be printed with an A3 printer?

Yes. Almost any paper size smaller than A3 can be printed with an A3 printer. Just make sure that the paper is loaded onto the printer correctly and you have selected the right print settings for your document before you print.

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