Everything You Need to Know About Classic AC Cars

AC Cars is a British car manufacturer founded in 1901 and renowned for its specially designed vehicles. The company has produced many legendary AC Cobras, but it has also produced other classic cars. You can find a wide selection of affordable classic AC cars available for your consideration on eBay.

The AC Cobra

The vintage AC Cobra is by far the most widely known of AC's offerings. Originally built in 1962, it's considered an Anglo-American creation. Although it was built by a British manufacturer, it uses an American Ford V8 engine. In 1964, the company produced the AC Cobra 427. With its massive 6997 cc, 16-valve, water-cooled V8 engine, it generates 450 horsepower, though some modified versions of the car can carry as much as 750 horsepower. It's a two-door car with an FR layout that features either a 4-speed or a 5-speed manual transmission. If you so desire, however, the transmission can easily be modified to automatic. It weighs only 1147 kilogrammes, giving it enormous powers of acceleration in its higher gears.

Some of these figures may differ from one classic AC Cobra model to the next, but they are all broadly similar. Consult the eBay listing or see the manufacturer site for details on each particular model.

Classic versus contemporary Cobras

Vintage classic AC Cobras from the 1960s are extremely expensive and sought-after cars. However, the Cobra has also been made on and off during various years since the 1960s, meaning that newer models of the Cobra can also occasionally be found for sale. Some newer models include the 2012 AC Cobra Manual, with its 5-speed manual transmission, 5.7-litre V8 engine and 370 horsepower. The main difference between classic 1960s-era Cobras and contemporary Cobras is that older Cobras tend to carry more horsepower and have somewhat larger engines. More recent models are usually significantly less expensive than the classic ones, however.

What other classic AC cars are for sale on eBay?

Other classic AC cars you may be able to find on eBay include the 1952 AC 2-Litre Two Door Saloon. If you check the listings from time to time, you can see when other AC classics become available.

Things to remember when shopping for new and used classic AC cars

Here are a few important things to remember as you shop for classic AC cars:

  • In general, cars with less mileage on them tend to be more expensive than cars with more mileage on them, and vice versa. The only exception is the vintage classic 1960s-era Cobras, which tend to be more expensive than contemporary cobras despite having significantly greater mileage on them.
  • Even though the vintage AC Cobra has aged extraordinarily well, repairs and restoration may occasionally be necessary for these decades-old cars. In cases of significant restoration, buyers may have to pay a premium.