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Access Ramps

For restricted mobility, wheelchairs and scooters can be a great help to give you freedom of movement both around the home and outside. Unfortunately, using scooters and wheelchairs can become difficult when there is a step or incline. To overcome this issue access ramps can help to improve accessibility and prevent stairs or steps from becoming a problem. Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of access ramps to suit your requirements.

Threshold Ramp

This kind of ramp is used to the threshold of the property and can help a scooter or wheelchair to navigate entering and exiting a property for both the front and back door of a home. Often porches or home entrances will have a step and so a threshold ramp can help you to avoid the step and make it easier to get in and out of the property.

Van Ramp

Another useful access ramp is one to help you enter a van or minibus with ease. Cars and vans can be extremely difficult to enter when mobility is restricted, so an access ramp into the vehicle can help normal daily life to continue.

A van ramp will usually work by a rear entrance of the vehicle which the ramp can be attached from the road level up to the height of the van. The incline may still be steep and therefore, assistance may still be required through someone pushing the wheelchair or through a motorised chair or scooter.

Multi-fold Ramp

A multi-fold ramp is extremely functional as it is designed to suit all manner of inclines from a single step to a larger section of uneven or difficult terrain. A multi-fold ramp is more portable and can be used in many different situations, however, it may not be as secure and robust as a solid ramp of platform ramp. Another ramp that is specifically designed to be portable is a telescopic ramp which is compact to transport and then can be extended when needed.

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