Stay On Top Of Glucose Levels with Accu-Chek Mobile

As a diabetic, keeping track of your glucose levels is an important and essential part of your daily life. The Accu-Chek mobile glucose meter makes this job a whole lot simpler and easier than old-school methods. The new strip-less testing method is fast, hygenic, and painless. You can browse eBay find your new Accu-Chek glucose meter at an affordable price.

What are the main features of the Accu-Chek mobile glucose meter?

The main features and benefits of the Accu-Chek mobile meter are:

  • Speed: The glucose meter is speedy and can deliver test results in approximately 5 seconds.
  • Ease of use: Accu-Chek glucose meters are popular among diabetics because of their user-friendly interface.
  • Compact: The meter is small enough to conveniently fit in your trouser pocket.
  • Battery life: The batteries in the mobile glucose meter can last for upwards of a year.
  • Strip-less testing: No strips and no strip coding are required to use the meter.
  • Data sharing: Test data can be shared with other people, such as your doctor, via Accu-Chek software.
Can the glucose meter store test results?

Yes, the meter stores about 2000 test results in its onboard memory. Test results can be stored with the date and time and the meter can be connected to a computer to download the results. If needed, downloaded results can be conveniently shared with your medical professional or doctor.

How does a strip-less glucose meter work?

Strip-less glucose meters work the same as conventional glucose meters but do not require a test strip in order to perform a glucose level test. The "strip" is built into the meter in the form of a replaceable cassette that can be used to perform a certain number of tests. A strip-less test meter has the advantage of not creating any waste products after each test, which makes it easier to use when you are out and about and helps preserve the environment.

How quick is the Accu-Chek mobile glucose meter?

Accu-Chek mobile meters are quite fast and take about 5 seconds to perform one test. The easy-to-use lancet gently pricks the skin to form a small blood droplet and there is no need to code any test strips, which is a further time saver.

How does the strip cartridge system work?

The meter employs a cartridge system that contains a set number of tests and requires replacement when all the tests have been used. Replacing the cartridge is as simple as removing the depleted cartridge from the meter and replacing it with a new cartridge.

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