Get creative with AccuQuilt

Have you ever wanted to make your own patchwork quilt, but just didn't have the time or resources to do it? Maybe you should try AccuQuilt. These useful quilting tools allow almost anyone to get into the fun world of quilting. 

The machines

AccuQuilt GO! Cutter and Studio cutter machines were invented after the founder realised you could cut fabrics with a rolling machinery piece. The inspiration came to him after watching his wife use a rolling pin and cookie cutters to cut dough. With three different types of GO! Cutter machines, compatible with 140-200 GO! dyes, you can get started and cut into any shape you want to quicken your quilting process. 

GO! Cutter machines promise a 90 percent speed increase from manual rotary cutting of fabrics, as well as less fabric waste after each cut. With these abilities, as well as being able to accurately cut up to six layers of fabric at a time, you can double your output and speed whilst quilting. No more spending hours trying to cut single layers at a time. 

The benefits

Many former quiltmakers have gained the ability to quilt once more using AccuQuilt machines. They may have lost the ability to do so due to disabilities, such as arthritis, sight limitations and many other physical ailments. With minimised hand, arm and back pain when using AccuQuilt machines in comparison to rotary cutting, many picked up an AccuQuilt machine to keep the hobby alive and experienced no extra pain as a result. 

The dies

AccuQuilt offers you hundreds of dies to choose from, as well as multiple AccuQuilt tools and equipment. Pick cute animals with googly eyes or a funky orange strip of fabric for your quilt, and mix and match tons of fabrics to produce your own unique quilt. Many come in sets of four or more, allowing you to discover each combination on your own!