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Acer Desktop and All-in-One PCs

Available with a large variety of components and accessories, Acer desktop and all-in-one PCs are suitable for most tasks. Matching your purchase to the desired task is important and can be done easily by deciding which type of computer you want.

Desktops and all-in-one PCs

A desktop is what you would usually recognise as a traditional home computer. It consists of a tower which has the main computer bits in, as well as a monitor, keyboard and mouse. These desktops have been the basic design for decades.

An all-in-one, on the other hand, has all of the computer bits built into the back of the monitor out of sight. So the whole machine consists only of a monitor , keyboard and mouse.

Advantages of an all-in-one PC

An all-in-one PC can save a lot of desk space that can otherwise be used for other things and your desk will look much tidier due to the general lack of wires. The lack of wires also means that the computer is incredibly easy to set up; simply get it out of the box, plug it in and turn them on.

There are few external devices in an all-in-one PC and the few that are there are optional, such as the ability to plug in a games console on some models to use it as a television. An all-in-one is essentially like a laptop that has traded its portability for a far bigger screen.

Advantages of a desktop

Desktops take up a lot of space, but that means they have a lot of space to use. A desktop tower has space for lots of powerful components and doesn't really need to worry about cutting corners to fit everything in. All-in-one PCs can only fit so much into the back of their monitors, meaning that their raw power is significantly reduced. Desktops, on the other hand, can crank up as much power as you can afford. This means that desktops are the only realistic choice between the two for gamers.

You can also add more bits on over time, upgrading and tweaking it to give it more power. This customisation is all but impossible on an all-in-one.

Desktops come as towers usually, but Acer has a range of micro towers and mini towers which are smaller versions that pack slightly less of a punch, bridging the gap between the desktop and the all-in-one.

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