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Program in BASIC and Work With Cassette Tapes on the BBC Micro

The BBC Micro is a unique slice of computing history, offering a keyboard with that classic mechanical feel, compatibility with a number of crisp text displays, and several potential upgrades and peripherals. The user can insert software on cassette tape or floppy drive, or program their own functions with BBC BASIC, the manufacturer's own version of BASIC II. The BBC Acorn computer can be found on eBay, whether it's in new or mint condition, with or without accessories and tweaks.

What's different between the BBC Micro Model B and A?

The BBC Micro Model B and A have the same memory structure and compatibility with BASIC. Both models were printed with the same circuit board. Both models can run most of the same software, perform many of the same functions, and use many of the same peripherals..

The following are the most important differences between the two major BBC Micro models:

  • The Micro Model B offers 32KB of memory, while the Model A offers 16KB.
  • The Micro Model B comes in B+64 and B+128 variants, offering more memory.
  • The Micro Model B has three additional configurable graphics modes.
What BBC Micro games are available?

The BBC Micro offers a number of titles that have come to be considered classics, such as Elite and the platform's own version of Tetris. Many other games, such as Castle Quest, exist for the platform. The BBC Micro's catalogue offers a fair number of platformers and top-down shooters, though at least a few games of almost any genre exist. These games, along with the hardware itself, can be easily found on eBay.

What peripherals are available for the BBC Micro?

The BBC Micro offers a number of peripherals, though their compatibility with each model, with other peripherals and with the user's existing configuration may vary. Where possible, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for setup and use. Some of the most notable BBC Micro peripherals include:

  • Two types of BBC Computer floppy disk drives: SD (Single Density) and DD (Double Density).
  • The "Tube" and associated Matchbox Co-Processor, which grant the BBC Micro a second processor to use.
  • The DataCentre, which provides more RAM, CompactFlash slots, and USB ports.
  • A board and hard disk drive combination allowing the BBC Micro to run CP/M programs.
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