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Agfa Compact Film Camera

Agfa's connection with the world of photography goes back to 1867 when it was founded as a photographic chemicals company. In 1926 it introduced its first Agfa camera and in 1937 launched its first 35mm camera . In 1954 it modernised its range of cameras, introducing compact Silette, Optima and Optima Sensor cameras as well as single-use and pocket variations.

Agfa Silette compact film cameras

Introduced in the early 1950s, Agfa Silette compact 35mm film cameras were very well made devices that have stood the test of time to this day. Over the years, six models have been launched, each differentiated by technical and cosmetic variation. Key features included a simple viewfinder, leaf shutter, selectable shutter speeds and three element or four element lenses.

Agfa Optima compact film cameras

Dating back to 1959, the original version of the Agfa Optima 35mm film compact camera was the first 35mm camera to have a selenium meter driven mechanical system. Here, the selenium cell reads light levels to enable the automatic calculation of aperture and shutter speed.

Agfa Optima Sensor compact film cameras

A bestseller in the 1970s with their big viewfinders and large shutter release buttons, Agfa Optima Sensor 35mm film cameras were released in many models throughout the decade, each with technical enhancements including faster shutter speeds and brighter lenses.

Agfa 110 film cartridge pocket cameras

Over the years, Agfa launched a huge range of pocket cameras, all featuring Agfa's patented big red button shutter release and a magicube followed by flip flash flashes. Taking the ultra-compact 110 film cartridges, Agfa pocket cameras represented the ultimate in portable, pocket-sized photographic convenience.

Agfa single-use 35mm cameras

There are not many who have been on a school trip abroad who haven't experienced a disposable 35mm camera . Agfa single-use cameras are still available new and unused today and offer 27 shots, a flash, a simple viewfinder and a fixed focus lens. Memory lane for many and the ultimate 35mm film convenience for all.

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