Agriculture and Farming Storage Tanks

Storage is an important feature in the agricultural and farming industry. There is a vast array of hardwearing and practical storage solutions for you to choose from. Storage tanks provide the flexibility of portable storage and can hold a range of things including animal feed, fuel and foodstuffs.

Farming storage tanks also come in a variety of materials dependant on storage needs including plastic and metal composites. There is also a range of extras for storage tanks including taps, outlet connectors, cage casing, valves plus many more fittings.

Oil and fuel storage

For people that have traditional oil heating systems or hold fuel for farm machinery, opting for an oil tank or storage drum is an ideal solution. Storage drums are an easy way to store fluids and solids in a secure way. This type of agriculture and farming storage is often made from high-quality plastic and offers a secure closing ring to avoid spillage and cross-contamination. Many plastic storage containers also offer a durable and non-perishable material to store chemicals and waste materials.

Water storage

Water tanks are a great way to store large quantities of fluid for use in fields and farming buildings for cleaning and feeding purposes. Large water containers and IBC water storage tanks hold hundreds of litres of water to provide longer lasting solutions for grazing animals etc. Many agricultural and farming water tanks also have tap features to easily release water without moving the whole container. Extendable nozzles and adapter fitments are also available to extend the reach and fill smaller containers.

Oil drums

There is a selection of traditional oil drums which have a unique look including slogans such as Castrol. They can be cleaned and used in traditional storage ways or can be altered to create barbecues, bonfire incinerators or quirky furniture.