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Before You Buy an Aiwa Hi-Fi Sound System, Check out This Info

Vintage sound systems are still sought after by audiophiles everywhere because of their ability to play older recording formats. There are a variety of affordable Aiwa hi-fi systems available on eBay for purchase. If you are interested in learning more before purchasing one, these common questions from eBay shoppers should help you on your quest.

Can Aiwa Hi-Fi sound systems record to cassette tapes?

Yes. Many of the all-in-one stereo system models available on eBay can be used to record to cassettes so that you can back up your entire analogue music collection. Some models have two tape decks: one for playing only and one for playing and recording. Other inexpensive Aiwa Hi-Fi stereo systems have just one tape deck that can perform both functions. There are also models with a loop function on the cassette tape decks that includes a trim feature.

What are the features of an Aiwa hi-fi system?

Aiwa hi-fi sound systems are made with a variety of different features to enhance the listening experience, such as the following:

  • Detachable speakers - The speakers are attached to the side of the stereo but can be removed. While they are still hardwired, they can be placed almost anywhere in the same room with the receiver to expand the stereo qualities of the sound.
  • Multidisc changer - Various Aiwa models have five- and six-disc CD changers, allowing you to keep some of your favourites on hand without having to change the CD every time you want to listen to a new one.
  • Tuner - Most models have an AM/FM tuner so that you can listen to the radio. You can also program up to six presets for quick recall later.
  • High-speed dubbing - The stereo has high-speed dubbing so that you can copy music to a new cassette at much faster speeds than typical playback times.
  • Headphones-out - If you want to listen without disturbing anyone around you, use the 3.5mm headphone-out jack.
Do some models have an equaliser?

Yes. Certain Awai hi-fi stereo system models have an onboard equalizer (EQ). This gives you the ability to cut out high-end, scoop out midrange, and boost low-end frequencies to tailor the audio to the style of music that you are listening to. Some stereo models have up to a 10-band parametric EQ so that you can have an even more exact sound. The dynamic range of the stereo's frequency spectrum ranges from 10Hz up to 22kHz.

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