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Control Your Devices With an Alba Remote Control

An Alba remote control can make it easier for you to control a variety of devices. Depending on the TV, DVR, or other equipment that you have, there may be a specific remote that you need. Explore the new and used Alba remote controls available for sale on eBay to find the right remote for your needs.

What devices can an Alba remote control be programmed to?

An Alba remote control can be used to control a number of devices. Depending on the model remote that you have, it can be programmed to cover a few devices that you have.

  • Television (including a variety of different models, smart and otherwise)
  • DVR
  • DVD player
  • Freeview box
What is a universal remote?

A universal remote is designed to help you eliminate the need for having three or four remotes when you want to control your television or home theatre. A universal remote may be one of several different colours. Plus, it will allow you to program several different devices into a single remote. You may be able to control your TV, DVR, DVD player, cable box, and more with one remote, providing you with more convenience.

What are some of the available features of this remote?

There are quite a few features found on an Alba remote control. You will want to review what's available on eBay to determine which one will work best for you. It's also important to make sure it is compatible with the equipment that you have. Some features may include:

  • Light: Makes it easy to see the remote control functions when you're in the dark.
  • Colour: Choose a colour remote that fits with your surroundings. Grey, black, and white are common colours.
  • Colour coding: Find the various functions easily because of colour coding on the remote.
  • Quick apps: Buttons let you quickly access the different apps that your smart TV allows you to visit, such as streaming sites.
  • Comfort grip: The shape of the remote fits comfortably into your hand as opposed to being a traditional rectangular shape.
  • Genuine: The remote is made by Alba, ensuring that it will pair properly with your device.
What batteries go into this remote control?

One of the most common reasons for a remote to stop working is because the batteries have died. Most of the Alba remote controls will use two AAA batteries. It's important to use fresh batteries and replace both at the same time. Some custom bundles on eBay may provide you with the batteries that you need for the remote.

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