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Expand Your Viewing Options with an Android TV Box XBMC

An Android TV box lets you watch television on your Android-based operating system, regardless of your device. You can run several television applications on your XBMC box, so older versions are often supported. When it comes to the most advanced Android TV box, XBMC is versatile enough to stream in any format. Android TV box fully loaded jailbroken devices are required, by law, to respect national copyright laws, but that doesn’t limit your streaming options.

Which features should you consider in an Android TV box?

If you’re buying an XBMC box fully loaded, you can obtain content ethically through EZ-Stream and SkyStream One. Both companies sell an Android box fully loaded with codecs that support all your viewing needs. There are many other brands on offer.

  • NVIDIA has a graphics-heavy console with plenty of CPU and streaming power. Its 2018 version has 256 cores and 3GB RAM.
  • Amazon’s 2017 offering is 4K HDR-ready, with a quad-core CPU.
  • The Seguro Trongle X4 is an economical option with 4K support and a quad-core 2HZ processor.
  • XBMCMart offers everything from dual-core to octa-core Kobi boxes, all of which are 4K-ready.
How do you troubleshoot your TV box?

In the case of an XBMC box not working, there are several ways to troubleshoot your device:

  • Slow loading times could be due to the distance between your box and router.
  • If buffering is getting in the way of your entertainment, try clearing the cache and checking your Wi-Fi speeds.
  • If your XBMCMart box doesn’t turn on, try a soft reset.
  • A factory reset removes excess data and restores your original settings.
  • If your problems are limited to one channel, check if they’ve stopped supporting your device.
What features should you consider in a TV box?

TV boxes let you access more content than standard streaming devices can. They also let you run a range of apps, but functionality is highly dependent on the features of your Kobi. A 5.1 audio pass-through will allow you to connect your box to a television when you want to view content on a larger screen. A powerful CPU resists freezing and reduces buffering times. If you take your speed and power seriously, a solid state drive will give you reliability and high resolutions. If you’re an avid collector, you’ll want a 500GB hard drive.

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