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Android Quad Core 16GB Dual SIM 4G Mobile and Smartphones

Smart and practical Android Quad Core 16GB Dual SIM 4G Mobile and Smartphones offer a wealth of benefits to suit busy lives and the modern-day requirements for a phone. With so many features and many brands offering this type of mobile phone, they are ideal phones for anyone.

Benefits of Android Quad Core 16GB Dual SIM 4G Mobile and Smartphones

Android smartphones are highly customisable and offer a great variety of apps, software and hardware. The versatility of Android means that many brands use Android functionality for their device. In fact, 83% of smartphones sold are Android devices.

Quad core phones are highly functional and allow you to run a high number of programs and apps quickly and all at the same time. Quad core smartphones are ideal for those who enjoy playing games, watching high-quality videos and enjoy a greater variety of functions all at the same time. This processing ability makes quad core smartphones extremely efficient devices.

Having 16GB of RAM on your smartphone gives you a greater memory. The 16GB internal storage means that your device can store ample items such as photos, videos, music, films and games. Having a large memory such as 16GB means that you will rarely have to face the tough decision of what you want to delete and lose from your phone.

A dual SIM is another handy function for your phone as it allows you to store and use two SIMs in one phone. Being able to use two SIMs has many benefits, from allowing you transfer easily from your business number to your personal number or having a SIM that you use abroad and one that you use at home. Having two SIMs is also convenient if you get better reception on one network at work and a different network works best at home.

Having a 4G phone means that you can access and download data at great speeds as well as send emails and photos much faster than 2G or 3G. If you use your phone a lot, then 4G will enable you to get a lot more done, much quicker.

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