Antique Chests of Drawers

Antique Chests of Drawers

If youre looking for a fine selection of antique chests of drawers, youre in the right place. From traditional Edwardian oak to old-fashioned Victorian, to modern 20th century, youll find a wealth of attractive drawers made from mahogany, pine, oak, walnut, teak, beech and a whole lot more. Whether youre looking for tall, narrow or wide, youll be sure to find some furniture that complements your bedroom and stores all your belongings in beautiful antique style.

20th Century Drawers

From vintage retro chests and bedside cabinets to narrow mahogany numbers and solid oak chunky drawers, bring a touch of retro chic to your bedroom with these sophisticated 20th-century drawers. Theyll no doubt create a homier feel. The chunky legs and frames mean they stand strong and the thick wooden veneered tops make sturdy platforms for family photos, flowers or ornaments.

Victorian Drawers 1837 – 1901

If you are looking for an elegant Victorian chest of drawers for your room, these pieces of furniture were created between 1837 and 1901 and are ideal for any retro-style living space. Luxuriate in the glow of the Victorian era with one of these gorgeous drawers. Theyll create lots of extra storage, whilst adding a touch of vintage to your bedroom.

Pre-Victorian Drawers Pre-1837

This furniture is over 100 years old and a truly elegant way to furnish a room. With intricate panel detailing and on offer in a variety of styles, these pre-Victorian drawers were made prior to the year 1837. Offering generous, practical storage, youll have more than enough room to store your jumpers, jeans and other clothes.

Edwardian Drawers 1901-1910

Whether you want to store bulky garments and bed linen or keep jeans and jumpers stored in style, these stunning Edwardian drawers will remain a fixture in your room for years on end. Sturdily constructed from a range of materials such as pine and oak, theres plenty to admire about these antique chests, from their vintage-style handles to their chunky legs and frames.