Fascinate guests with antique medical instruments

Perfect for adding a charming yet curious touch to your home, antique medical instruments are quirky additions to anyone's collection. From functional pieces like prosthetic arm attachment tools to antique glass instruments and tins, there are science and medical antiques to suit every home. 

Antique medical instrument sets

Choose a set of antique surgical tools to make sure the pieces go together. For those interested in optometry, a set of antique eye instruments are a great conversation piece. Including various iris hooks, scissors and forceps, these can be used to intrigue your guests. 

Or go with a set of rectal examination instruments, including a speculum, a speculum introducer and an illuminated anal speculum. The nickel plated wires and handles are highly interesting collector's pieces. 

If you're an aspiring dentist or love all things to do with teeth, pick up some antique dentistry equipment. Including tooth plyers and forceps, these instruments show how far modern medicine has come. 

Single antique medical instruments

For a truly astounding antique piece, a Grays Inn Road electric shock machine is a must-have. The perfect centrepiece for your collector's cabinet, this can even be used to give your guests a fright. 

Vintage medical bottles are perfect for placing around your kitchen as decorations. From thin, clear bottles to thicker blue ones, there's something to add a touch of retro charm to any home. 

Choose a Dr. Macaura's Pulsocon machine. This hand-cranked machine was used to stimulate blood flow in the body, but today is a curio from times gone by. This is an eye-catching piece in full working order so your guests can have a go on a piece of medical equipment from the past. 

For something spooky, go for an antique child's prosthetic leg. The worn look adds an extra level of intrigue and would work well as the main piece of your collection.