Antique Solid Silver Boxes

Antique Solid Silver Boxes

Offering historical curiosity and beautiful craftsmanship, antique solid silver boxes are a popular collectable. These ornate boxes can tell a story of a particular moment in time, be decorative for your home or be used as a storing option for prized possessions. With a stunning selection to choose from, you are sure to find one you will want to treasure forever.

Boxes hold interest for their uses, like a pillbox or a snuff-box and for the style and craftsmanship of the time they were made, such as Georgian or Victorian. They are also stamped with hallmarks to indicate the name of the silversmith, where it was made and the quality of the silver used to make it.

Various Boxes

The main three types of antique solid silver boxes are snuff boxes, cigarette boxes and pillboxes. All of these boxes hold a useful everyday purpose alongside a unique story, added style and collectible appeal. Whether you need a new box to carry your cigarettes or tobacco and you want to do so in style or you are a collector of these unique items, there are lots of different designs available.

Engraved boxes are a popular choice, with various patterns and designs on each. Some boxes come with pictures and graphics on the front, some of which are humorous and some of which are interesting and decorative.

Age of Boxes

Collectors can select a solid silver box based on their favourite time period, dating back as far as pre-1800. Some of these incredibly old solid silver boxes are very unique collectibles, perfect for someone looking to add to an existing set. If you have a favourite era, jump back in time and purchase something that really is a small piece of history. You can find solid silver boxes from victorian, Georgian, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts and more.