Elegant and timeless antique solid silver cutlery

Perfect for displaying in a cabinet or using on special occasions, antique solid silver cutlery comes in a range of eye-catching collectible styles. Find single pieces perfect for finishing off your collection or choose a complete antique silver cutlery set to kickstart your love for solid silver pieces. 

Single pieces of antique solid silver cutlery

Single pieces of collectable cutlery are ideal if you're looking for interesting and quirky pieces to add to your collection. An antique Victorian sterling silver Exeter basting spoon from 1852 features an imprint of a dog on the handle. 

Or, go for a Crest & Motto solid silver sifter spoon. With intricate cutouts on the spoon itself, this piece is sure to stand out amongst your antique spoon collection. A John Irish sterling silver table knife with a pistol filled handle and steel blade adds weight to your collection thanks to the chunky handle. 

Made in 1806, a Georgian sterling silver meat skewer uses a sleek design. The handle at the top stands out whilst the blade itself tapers in towards the point. 

The perfect centrepiece for your collector's cabinet, an 18th century Dutch solid silver spoon features an amazingly intricate handle design. The handle finial depicts a lady holding a baby and a smaller child, whilst the thinner middle section features a twisted design. 

Antique solid silver cutlery sets

A set of elegant solid silver teaspoons from Russia features flowers engraved on the back of the bowl, with the finials engraved with a smaller flower detail. 

Bolster your collection with a pair of Robert Rutland silver sugar tongs. The thick gauge silver used throughout adds weight whilst a griffin crest on the bow catches the eye. 

Have your cake and eat it with a set of antique sterling silver cake forks from 1926. A larger and sharper prong for cutting creates a visually striking style whilst the intricately carved finials offer elegance.