Antique Stained Glass

Antique stained glass can be purchased across a large variety of choices and include colourful designs from different eras including Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Gothic and Edwardian periods.

The stained glass process originates from ancient Roman times when ground up metals which were added to molten glass to give it colour. As the technique was perfected, the glass pieces were arranged into attractive patterns and fitted into soldered strips of lead. Today, antique stained glass is a popular purchase as a reclaimed addition to period properties or as standalone items which offer beauty and interest to the home.

Antique stained glass is available in many forms including reclaimed stained glass windows, which can add stunning colour and craftsmanship to entrances and stairway windows in home refurbishment projects. In addition, antique stained glass inserts can also be bought to individualise and personalise a period style door.

Antique Stained Glass Designs

Victorian antique stained glass can be purchased as reclaimed windows and handpainted glass panels. Such designs were characterised by their weight (being far heavier than stained glass produced in the periods which followed) and featured colourful geometric designs bordering romantic floral images or serious spiritual scenes with leading. Gothic antique stained glass also features heavy metal leading and sometimes dramatic religious scenes or coats of arms.

Post Victoria followed the Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods where stained glass was particularly favoured by those in the Arts and Crafts movement (1880-1920). Designs of this time were starkly contrasted to the more heavyweight Victorian and Gothic antique stained glass and were replaced with elegant, thinner Edwardian flowing leaf and floral designs featuring flowers such as tulips or roses in rich colours on white (clear obscure) glass. Art Nouveau and Art Deco antique stained glass features similar curvy leaf and flower shapes in rich colours but these became even more stylised and contemporary in design.