Make Your Device Distinctive with an Apple Mac Case

Personalising your device is easy with an Apple Mac case from eBay. The exciting options safeguard your computer from dust, rain, and impact. Each is lightweight, making it easy to safely carry your MacBook with you on a hiking trip, to football training, or to a catering class. 

Does a hard case protect MacBooks better than rubber? 

No. Several people get a case to protect their MacBook if it falls. A rubber case offers better protection than a hard case because it can absorb shock. A smooth plastic case is more likely to slip out of your grasp. Rubber is easier to grip. 

Do all cases protect against scratches and water? 

All cases offer some degree of protection. Those that are more rugged tend to have multiple layers. Each layer works differently to safeguard your MacBook and the files on it. Canvas is effective at keeping out water. Some covers are designed for people who are around water often and these usually have several waterproof inner layers in addition to a tough or waterproof outer layer. A case with three or four layers is usually good at preventing shock. Some manufacturers may use a soft lining like wool next to the MacBook. This provides shock protection and prevents scratches. The area around zippers may be padded to keep out the rain and keep the computer smooth.  

  • An Apple Mac case with rubber feet is less likely to slide on slick surfaces.
  • Many travellers use an Apple Mac case with brackets at areas that often sustain impact, such as the sides or corners. These brackets are made using tough material like poly carbonate and help your MacBook to arrive undamaged after a long flight.
  • Covers with a handle are easy to carry and make a second bag unnecessary. If you frequently travel with small children or want additional flexibility, a case with a strap that can go over your shoulder is convenient.

Can you charge a device inside a MacBook Pro sleeve? 

Yes. Once a MacBook Pro sleeve is on, you do not have to remove it for charging. Sleeves sometimes have a small opening to facilitate charging. Most sleeves provide for this function while shielding your device from scratches with a soft inner lining. Sleeves are a good option for people who do not want the extra weight of a hard case. 

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