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Swap Your Laptop for an Apple eReader for All the Data With Half the Space and Weight

Tablet computers are highly functional, with all of the capability of a laptop and all the convenience of a phone or a similar lightweight device that can be slipped into a pocket or a bag. These 1-11 Apple Tablet Pro devices have multiple functions and browsing eBay's 1-11 Apple tablets for sale is sure to get you what you need.

Laptop or 1-11 Apple eReaders?

Laptops are getting smaller and smaller, but they are still noticeably heavy and bulky. Tablet computers have an advantage in that they are physically smaller than laptops but have much of the same functionality. Keyboards can be touchscreen versions at the bottom of the screen, but with the familiar qwerty layout for easy touch typing, or plug-and-play USB keyboards can be installed. As well as being portable, tablet computers make for more effective eReaders, having the approximate dimensions of a slim book.

Storage, size, and colour

Apple eReaders are available in various colours:

  • Silver: The original.
  • Space Grey: Sleek and dark, elegant, and business-like.
  • Gold: The subtle gleam of gold is attractive without being flashy.
  • Pink: A gentle metallic pink.

They come in three sizes: 7-inch, 9-inch, and 10.2-inch screens, with storage options that range from 16GB up to 512GB.*

*See the manufacturer's site for details.

Features of Apple Tablets and eReaders

iPads come with some software as standard: Access to the Apple store, Safari to access and use the Internet. Other apps and software can be downloaded, including a number of different reading apps, from online libraries to bookshops. Textbooks do not use a lot of space, allowing you to carry many books with you without carrying a lot of weight.

Some apps allow free book downloads while others require payment to access books, especially if they are new books and on the bestseller lists.

What are the functions of Apple tablets and eReaders?

Many eReading apps allow you to customise your reading experience, from setting up the page for left-handed reading to having the screen brightness set for your preferences. You can even get Apple tablets to read to you with the right software or app, so you can relax as you enjoy your favourite author's latest work. As well as eReader usage, you can use your Apple tablets to stay in touch through messenger and video call apps, get some work done and respond to emails, and even relax and unwind playing computer games.

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