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Apple iPad 1st Generation

Apple has become synonymous with technological innovation, which has helped it on its way to being one of the largest companies in the world, as well as one of the most recognisable brands in history.

When it was first released in 2010, the 1st generation Apple iPad swiftly became a game changer in the personal computing arena. There had been tablet computers before, but none of them captured the imagination of the public quite like the iPad. Indeed, since then, the term iPad has become almost interchangeable with that of "tablet computer".

Using a new version of Apple's classic Mac based operating system (used in their MacBook laptops and computers), the iPad soon became a very desirable and functional item of technological hardware, as famous for its tactile feel and looks as it is for its practical usefulness.

Types of first generation Apple iPad

Apple's signature colour for its products is white, and there are many original iPads that were produced in all white. Most of the first generation tablets, though, were produced in black or had a black surround to their screen with a white backing. Your own taste will determine which colour combination you prefer from those on offer.

The other main differences between the various models of 1st generation Apple iPad are in their memory storage capacity size, or their internet access capabilities. The memory sizes range from a 16Gb iPad to 64Gb, the higher the number, the more applications, pictures and videos you can store on the device.

Internet access is available through a WiFi connection, enabling you to use your home or office's existing WiFi service or one of the many public access WiFi options available. Or you could purchase a machine that has both WiFi and 3G connectivity capability. A 3G connection enables you to make use of the internet supplied by mobile networks, subject to having a suitable mobile network arrangement.

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