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Apple iPad 6th Generation: This 2018 iPad is the Ideal Tablet for Most Users

Released in 2018, the Apple iPad 9.7-inch is a tablet computer known primarily for its processing power, impressive battery life, and support for the Apple Pencil. Find both new and used 6th-gen iPads on eBay in various configurations.

Key specifications of the Apple iPad 6th generation tablet

The 2018 9.7-inch iPad is for people who like to get things done on the go without having to carry a bulkier laptop.

  • The A10 Fusion chip built into this device is designed to manage routine and more heavy-duty tasks, including web browsing, emails, games, media consumption, and even video editing.
  • The 9.7-inch display is sharp, bright, and vivid. The screen makes its presence felt both during productivity tasks and while you're watching videos or perusing pictures.
  • There are two storage options: 32GB and 128GB. Both are backed by 2GB of RAM.
  • With a thickness of 0.29 inches and weight of just 476 grams, this iPad is quite slender for what it’s capable of. The Wi-Fi-only model is marginally lighter at 467 grams.
  • The 8-megapixel rear camera is there, in case you need a camera with a large 9.7-inch viewfinder. The camera supports 1080p video recording as well.
The Apple iPad 6th generation is artist-friendly

You can use the Apple Pencil to draw images, jot down notes, and engage with several Pencil-enabled applications on this 6th-gen iPad. The tool is extremely precise and natural to use, which even professional animators would appreciate. There is zero latency, and the tilt sensitivity and force give you the feel of handling an actual pencil. Also, the Pencil angles are quite accurate for shading, besides the unerring line weights. If you are just starting to draw, this entry-level iPad can be your ideal digital canvas.

Does the Apple iPad 6th generation support external keyboards?

Yes. Productivity or typing on a touch-only device is not practical. Apple is aware of this and has, therefore, made the 6th-gen iPad compatible with external keyboards. The tablet connects with keyboards via Bluetooth, which means you can pretty much hook it up with any wireless keyboard of your choice.

How is the battery life on the 2018 9.7-inch Apple iPad?

The 2018 iPad’s battery lasts for approximately 10 hours of solid work and play. If you reduce the screen brightness and don’t put the tablet through too many heavy-duty tasks, expect the endurance to go up by an hour or two. Also, if you are using the tablet only for sending emails and browsing the web, with some occasional video streaming thrown in, expect the tablet to draw even less battery power.