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Upgrade your tech with an iPad Pro tablet

Treat yourself to a new tablet with an iPad Pro from Apple. These super-powerful tablets are packed full of cutting-edge technology to provide super sharp images and super fast connectivity. 

Impressive on the outside

Choose from a 10.5 inch and a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, in a number of finishes. Keep it simple with a space grey or silver model, or show off a bit of your personality with a gold or rose gold iPad Pro. These models are designed to be super thin and lightweight for easy portability, so you can take them with you wherever you go. 

See everything in bright colours with the iPad Pro's Retina display. Apple's high-tech Retina display has been redesigned for the iPad Pro, offering ultra-vibrant colours as well as a sensitive touchscreen system. 

The 12-megapixel primary camera on the iPad Pro makes it easy to take stunning photos, as well as offering many added features such as auto image stabilisation, noise reduction and exposure control, so you can unleash your inner photographer. 

Impressive on the inside

Apple are well-known for creating innovative, high-tech products, and the iPad Pro is certainly no exception. Their iOS is constantly evolving to provide you with updates that keep you up to speed with the very latest technological advances. The iPad Pro's A10X Fusion chip with 64‑bit architecture and embedded M10 coprocessor offers hugely efficient performance, for a really powerful iPad

The iPad Pro comes with several built-in apps from Apple that increase functionality, such as Safari for browsing the web and Mail to keep you connected while on the move. Also, you are able to connect your iPhone to your tablet to make and answer calls, adding even more usefulness. 

You can also choose the iPad Pro with the right amount of storage for you, from a respectable 64GB of memory to a whopping 512GB iPad Pro, so you can ensure you'll never run out of space.