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Aquarium Canister Filters

Aquarium canister filters are responsible for keeping the water in your aquarium clean and free of toxic compounds and leftover debris. 

Canister filters can be positioned inside the aquarium or externally.

Differences between internal and external canister filters

  • Internal filter - internal canister filters can be used as a primary filter in small aquariums, and as a supplementary filter in larger tanks. The underwater filter can be installed vertically against the aquarium wall to create customised currents and is suitable for low water levels. A convenient flip-top lid provides easy access to the filter cartridge
  • External filter - work in the same way as an internal filter but are designed to be positioned outside of the tank. External filters are ideal for freeing up space inside the aquarium and can easily handle a high internal capacity for filter media

How to choose an aquarium canister filter

Canister filters are pressurised units that are also a highly efficient filtration system for your aquarium. They mechanically help to filter harmful substances that can be hazardous to the health of your fish. 

Canister filters can be used with activated carbon and ceramic filter media and are suitable for both freshwater and marine environments.

  • Mechanical filtration – Mechanical filtration canister filters are superior to any other type of aquarium filter. The pressurised unit forces water through a finer material and easily traps smaller particulate matter
  • Chemical filtration – Chemical filtration canister filters are the most effective type of aquarium filter. Activated carbon filter media works particularly well with this type of canister filter
  • Biological filtration – Due to the amount of oxygen present in the water that passes through the filter, the biological filtration system of a canister filter is not as effective as mechanical and chemical filtration. Consider this when choosing the filter.
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