Aquarium Filter Media and Accessories 

Aquarium filter media are key to the vitality and overall health of your tank's aquatic life. 

Toxins can easily build up in an enclosed aquarium system such as a fish tank. Thankfully there are easy and safe ways for keeping your tank clean. 

Filter media help clean and purify your tank's water by removing substances that are harmful to your tank's fish and plant life.

Types of Filter Media

  • Ammonia remover - ammonia builds up over time in your aquarium's water and at high levels can be toxic to your tank's inhabitants. These removers extract ammonia when the levels get too high
  • Phosphate remover - phosphates occur from pollutants from debris from outside the tank that gets finds its way inside or waste food. Phosphate remover helps remove and prevent phosphate build up that can directly increase algae growth in your tank
  • Carbon - removing carbon from your tank helps keep the water clear by removing the yellow colouration that occurs in freshwater tanks and keeps it soft by removing chlorine. It also helps to absorb bad smells
  • Nitrate remover - although nitrate is not toxic to your fish and plants, algae thrive on nitrates by consuming them, which means that can quickly spread
  • Sponge/foam - these are designed to extract and strains solid substances from your tank's water and don't interfere with the delicate chemistry of the water. These substances get trapped inside the foam's pores. The sponge or foam can then be cleaned and reused

Benefits of filter media

  • Healthier aquatic life - at worst fish can die from the toxins that are created. By ensuring the water is clean you help preserve your fish and plants by minimising toxic build up so they can thrive in their environment
  • Cost effective - by preventing toxic build you help preserve and extend the life of your fish and plants. They also aid the smooth running of your tank, which reduces long term maintenance costs
  • Reduces cleaning efforts - filter media provide an easy method to take harmful substances out of your tank's water. 

Filter media come in a variety of forms, which make cleaning hassle free. You could just drop in a filter bag or foam filter and allow it to collect those harmful toxins, then simply remove it, rinse and re-use when next required.