Aquarium Foam and Sponge Filter

Foam or sponge filters are an effective way of keeping the water clean in an aquarium. Keeping the water clear of organic matter makes it a more pleasant and healthy environment for a fish or aquatic animal. 

There is no real difference between sponge or foam filters as they are both made from the same material. They do not involve any chemical filtration.

Benefits of using a sponge or foam filter

  • They are inexpensive to use and replace
  • They help keep the water clean of biological matter, creating a healthier environment for your fish
  • They are easy to clean - simply remove the sponge, swill it off and replace it
  • They are ideal for small to medium sized tanks.
  • They can be used with all types of fish and aquatic animals
  • They are long lasting, with most sponges lasting several months
  • They add good bacteria to the tank over a period of time 

How a sponge filter works

  • A sponge or foam filter won't work on its own. It is usually powered by an air pump or canister. This is then plugged into the mains and runs constantly
  • A tube is attached to the pump and the sponge is placed around this. As the tube sucks in the water, the matter is trapped in the sponge
  • The flow of water can often be controlled and this will affect how much the filter will pick up
  • The pump should be left running 24/7 to allow the filter to work. The sponge head can be replaced and cleaned, and then placed back on the tube
  • A sponge or foam filter is generally easy to set up. Simply fit the air pump on the side of the tank or aquarium with the sponge in place, then plug it in and you’re ready to go