Choosing the perfect aquarium for your fish can be tricky. Not only do you have to consider whether your preferred aquarium will fit into your home, but you’ll also have to figure out if the tank will be big enough for your fish to thrive and grow.

Differences between aquariums

  • Modern and minimalist – The style conscious fish keeper can now choose an aquarium that is almost as beautiful as the fish that inhabit this abode. Modern aquariums come in all shapes, sizes and colours to complement your interior design taste.
  • Traditional and practical – No fuss or frills. The standard aquarium is available with or without a stand.

How to choose the perfect aquarium

  • Freshwater or marine? – Freshwater fish require less maintenance than their marine counterparts. When choosing an aquarium it is therefore practical to consider your budget and long-term running costs, plus all the additional equipment you will need to illuminate and clean your tank. As marine fish require specific water saliency and temperature you will need to bear this in mind also.
  • Aquarium space – The fish and plant life that you want to choose for your aquarium must have sufficient space to move and grow. Choosing an aquarium that is larger than the size that you think you will need is likely to be perfect.
  • Tank accessories – Once you’ve decided on your livestock you’ll need to consider the additional extras that will really make your fish feel at home. This can include additional lighting, replacement filters, plants and tank cleaning shrimp or snails.

Different types of aquariums

  • Tank only – Glass or acrylic, supplied with or without a hood
  • Reef Tank – Ideal for saltwater fish. Usually supplied with all the additional equipment that you need to get started
  • Complete aquarium setup – The complete setup includes tank, stand and filter pump