Arcade Table Machines

Have fun classic for the whole family with a table arcade machine

Whether its platforming or a dose of dot-eating fun, a table arcade game offers a unique gameplay experience compared to consoles, computers, or even stand-up arcade machines. eBay has a huge range of table arcade games that can become a part of a rooms furniture as well as a place to play. Whether its a cocktail arcade machine with 60 classic games, or a table arcade game with a somewhat different form factor, eBay has a range of options to suit your budget.

How many games can be expected in an arcade table?

This depends entirely on the table and its make. Note also that price does not necessarily reflect the number of games; a high-quality Pac-Man table themed after the game may sell for the same price as an entry-level 60-in-1 arcade cocktail table.

What retro arcade games are most commonly found on machines?

Any table arcade machines that arent designed around a specific game or series, such as Pac-Man, may offer licensed titles with easily-recognised names, games that are very similar to major licensed titles, or completely unique game designs. This is especially true of 150 classic game tabletop arcade machines which could offer all three. As a general rule, you can expect to find the following sorts of games on any one machine:

  • Platforming challenge games, such as those where you dig pits or avoid barrels.
  • Top-down collection games, where you fight monsters and obtain treasure.
  • Score-focused games with multiple, often repeating levels.
What table arcade machines are available in the UK?

Machines and games from UK companies are most common. On the other hand, assuming proper wattage and care is taken, even a table arcade game from the US or abroad will work in the United Kingdom, but be sure to see the manufacturers instructions for details of power-source compatibility

Are standalone tabletop arcade games available?

On some models of table arcade machine, it is possible to add new games or replace existing ones using chip boards, special cartridges, or other hardware, all of which can be purchased on eBay. Make sure you know what your table arcade machines model is, and refer to the manufacturers instructions for details on whether or not this is possible, before buying potential new games for any given machine.