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Got one to sell?

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Archos Tablets and eBook Readers

Archos tablets and eBook readers allow you to catch up on your reading and entertainment wherever you go.

Types of Archos tablets and eBooks

Premium design 8GB Archos tablets and eBook readers typically have a sleek, lightweight aluminium casing for easy handling. The HD resolution screen delivers sharper texts, videos and images for your enjoyment. Dual cameras allow for versatile video calling. Styles, sizes and features vary from model to model.

16GB Archos tablets and eBook readers boast a larger screen with an extra wide viewing angle.

Archos eBook readers that offer 32GB have a larger function and storage capacity for optimal use.

Differences between Archos tablets and eBook readers

Archos tablets and eBook readers enhance your leisure pleasure. The compact hand held devices boast tech features that allow you to read, watch and play.

The most obvious difference between Archos tablets and eBook readers is the screen. Tablets have backlit LCD screens. EBook readers have E Ink screens that replicate the look of ink on paper. As the eBook reader has no backlight you experience less eye strain. E Ink screens can also be clearly read in direct sunlight.

Ebook readers from Archos that have a front light can last several weeks on a single charge when you are reading everyday. Most tablets run out of power at around 10 hours.

Archos eBook readers are primarily designed for reading eBooks. Some models are capable of performing other tasks, like web browsing and note taking.

Archos tablets can be used for reading books, playing videos, web browsing, sending email, taking photos and checking out apps.

Choosing Archos tablets and eBook readers

Archos eBook readers are ideal for booklovers who want a mobile device that offers better battery life, paper quality reading, and minimal distractions.

Archos tablets are perfect for light readers who enjoy multitasking, or those who get bored during their commute to work.

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