Art Deco Fine Jewellery

Art Deco Fine Jewellery

Enhance any modern jewellery collection with classic Art Deco fine jewellery.

Precious metal types of Art Deco fine jewellery

Traditional Art Deco fine jewellery is typically made from platinum. Similar in appearance to white gold, platinum is made from a purer form of white metal. It is often used for elegant statement jewellery pieces like diamond engagement rings , solitaire and cocktail rings.

9ct and 18ct yellow gold is a favourite option for many classic styles of Art Deco fine jewellery. The gold gets its distinctive colour from mixing with other metals that contain more nickel. Yellow gold is often complemented with white diamonds, blue sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds.

White gold Art Deco fine jewellery is made from gold that contains white alloy. This precious metal is available in 9ct and 18ct variations. White gold is a popular option for timeless engagement rings, wedding bands and brooches.

Hallmarked sterling silver is perfect for all types of Art Deco fine jewellery. Silver is made from silver alloy, that has copper, nickel or zinc added to it.

Different types of chic Art Deco fine jewellery

Art Deco fine rings are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Cocktail rings are particularly popular fashion accessories. Choose from a selection of ornate styles that show off an oversized cabochon cut gemstone, or opt for elegant cluster arrangement of stones.

Brooches and dress clips were highly popular pieces in the 1920s and 30s. Elaborately decorated Art Deco brooches from this era usually feature silver Marcasite detailing and hinges that transform the pin into stylish dress clips.

Earrings that boast an authentic Art Deco fine jewellery style are either small and discreet stud styles, or decorative dangle drops.

Vintage and antique designs also includes a selection of necklaces and pendants. Many styles feature a fine chain with an elaborately decorated pendant. Choose from gemstone encrusted floral shaped pendants and distinctive cushion, marquise or pear cut gemstones.

Elegant gemstone variations

Richred rubies and garnets are classic embellishments for Art Deco fine jewellery. Yellow gold is typically matched with these gemstones. Royal blue sapphires are enhanced by white gold, yellow gold or platinum and are perfect for statement Art Deco fine jewellery pieces.

Stylish emeralds are a popular feature in any authentic Art Deco fine jewellery collection. The green gemstones are often complemented with yellow gold and white diamonds.

Timeless white diamond designs are available in a wide selection of styles.