Asian antiques for every collector

Add the perfect item to your collection with Asian antiques. You'll find a range of amazing items, like original postcards and hand-carved ornaments, from different countries like Japan and India. Whatever antiques you're after, you'll find something for your collector's cabinet. 

Indian antiques

Add a striking piece of style to your home with an Indian antique. Using amazing designs and beautiful colours, these pieces stand out in any home. 

Keep an eye out for statues of Hindu gods if you're after religious collectables or just something to use as a centrepiece on your mantel. You'll find bronze Indian antiques depicting various Hindu gods, like Krisha, Vishnu and Rama. Or go for something with multiple gods for a larger piece with added detail. 

Or go for an antique Indian urn with amazingly intricate detailing. You'll find these in bronze and brass designs, perfect for pairing with a traditionally styled interior. 

Decorate your walls with an antique Indian painting. Pieces of art showing Hindu gods are popular or go for something showing the beauty of everyday life. Keep an eye out for these beautiful pieces of art with amazing wood frames for something to really draw the eye. 

Japanese antiques

Kit out your home with some beautiful Japanese antiques, perfect for adding a traditional touch of charm to a more modern home. 

For something truly iconic, go for some Japanese porcelain vases in the classic white and blue design. These are instantly recognisable and work with any type of interior. 

Japanese woodblock prints are the perfect way to line your home's walls with Asian art. These amazing paintings feature traditional Japanese designs. Keep an eye out for those depicting Samurai or beautiful scenes of nature. 

Highly styled Japanese enamel boxes are perfect for keeping on your bedroom dresser as a striking ornament with added storage functionality.